Benefits of  Harvard Business School African Network

Alumni of Harvard Business School online and other executive certifications at Harvard Business School do not qualify for Harvard Business School alumni status. This does not provide potential networking, collaboration and other opportunities for professionals who have spent time and money completing these programmes.

There is a gaping vacuum, especially for Africans who are natural networkers and social people.

Harvard Business School African Network is a platform focused on African alumni of  Harvard Business School Online, created to solve this problem in various ways.

  1. Broadened African Network: Virtual networking will allow members to connect with a diverse range of African professionals across the globe. This diversity can lead to new perspectives, ideas, and strategies.
  2. Accessibility: Members can participate in virtual networking with other Africans regardless of geographical location. This ensures that opportunities for professional advancement and business connections are available to everyone, not just those who can physically attend Connext events.
  3. Enhanced Professional Opportunities: HABSAN platform has features such as Non-Executive opportunities, job boards, volunteering opportunities and more that can lead to professional growth and opportunities to give back.
  4. Business Development: The platform can connect entrepreneurs with potential clients, partners, and investors, all of whom can help grow their businesses.
  5. Knowledge Sharing: Members can share their expertise and learn from others on the platform, leading to mutual professional development.
  6. Mentorship Opportunities: HABSAN  platform provides opportunities for mentor-mentee relationships. Seasoned professionals can guide less experienced alumni, and vice versa, as fresh graduates can bring innovative ideas to those more established in their careers.
  7. Real-time Information Exchange: Unlike traditional networking events, the HABSAN  platform operates around the clock. This constant connectivity allows for real-time information exchange, providing alumni with the latest industry trends, opportunities, and news.
  8.  Cost-effective Networking: Virtual networking via the HABSAN platform is a cost-effective way to connect with professionals from various industries without needing travel or event fees.
  9.  Building a Personal Brand: By actively engaging in discussions, posting insightful content, and showcasing their achievements, members can build a solid personal brand on the platform.
  10. Skill Development: HABSAN platform will host professional development sessions that can enhance members’ skills.
  11. A coordinated “African Dinner Night” event during every Connext event in Boston,

By engaging with the HABSAN  platform, Harvard  Business School (Online) African Network members can stay connected, create and seize opportunities, and foster a collaborative and supportive professional community.

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